Public Art Cooke Park 2012

Working on the Public Art has and will be one of the most exciting projects that I have worked on. It an honour to be selected to create the works for the Main Street.

  1. Cooke Park: The large mural fixed to the lane wall measuring approximately. 7 metres in length by 1.5 metres in height. This mural works as a combination of ideas of what Parkes is about. It both introduces and reinforces the meanings of the elements that are hung in other locations. It is intended to be fun, bright and recognisable.​

  2. Interchangeable Panels: The purpose of these works is to highlight some of the Shires most significant attractions that make us unique to other rural locations including; our strong involvement with astronomy through the iconic Parkes Radio Telescope, the world famous Parkes Elvis Festival and our dedication to learning and literacy.

  3. Community Wall: This is the heart of the concept, a continually changing art space shaped in the new iconic plus symbol. ​The Cultural Cross creates a unique opportunity to artists, community members and students to hold temporary exhibitions eg. solo artists, awareness weeks, historical and cultural exhibitions etc.

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