Jac Clark

Artist and Senior Graphic Designer

An Australian artist living and working in Parkes, NSW. Born in Parkes in 1982 and still creating and painting from her local studio.


How and why did you become an artist? 

There was no moment where I decided I am going to be an artist, it is something that has organically evolved from childhood until now.


In 2001 I commenced the study of Graphic Design at University and took all classes in Fine Art that I could. I made the choice to do Graphic Design after having a meeting with an artist who I clearly remember saying ‘ Do you want to work for yourself or work for someone else?’. I remember considering my options for a week or so and thinking ‘Why not do both?!


After leaving University I worked in the print industry for a couple of years in Canberra. Although not directly related to art, I enjoyed the experience and it happened to be a great lesson in colour, materials and different processes.


From there I moved home to Parkes and started my own Graphic Design business, Morabon, which has been running successfully for 12 years now. I evolved the business to also be a platform to sell and commission my artworks from.


What mediums do you work with and how would you describe your style?

Mainly acrylic paint. I work quickly so this works well for me. I do also paint in oils when I feel like it. I love mixing paint textures – metallics, rust and pearl paints a frequent in my works.


In general I would describe my art style as bold, graphic and large. A lot of my works depend on colour theory. The colour in my works assists in giving an impression of the personality of the figure painted.


It is hard to be more specific than that because I tend to do series based on an idea in a common style and then move onto the next series. They usually have about 10-15 paintings. However I do paint a lot of dog commissions!


What do you love about being an artist and how do you get inspiration?

What is not to love?  I find it so therapeutic. It is also about the ideas that I haven’t thought of yet. I am always looking at new ways of doing art – new materials, new sizes and new textures.


Visiting Galleries is a great source of inspiration for me, I always seem to walk out with a new book too! At the moment I am into Impressionism and enjoying reading everything that I can about it. I find after reading a book or visiting a gallery I find myself trialing something new.


In general though I can be inspired by anything but the subject seems to stay the same people/animals and their faces tend to be the bases of inspiration.


What are some of your most popular works?  What’s your favourite and why?

I have done some Public art for my home town (Parkes) these pieces were so much fun to do because of the scale and subjects. It was also flattering to be trusted with such a large commission without specific direction.


I have also painted portraits of Rosie Batty, Dr Karl and Vera Blue. These have all been some of my favourite works as it gave me the opportunity to meet some very inspirational people.


What is your philosophy on art and life?

Being an artist is very powerful and everyone has the potential to be one, it is about showing someone else what you see.


What are your professional dreams/goals?

I am wary of setting goals and dreams too high because it can be such a subjective industry, I just want to continue to enjoy it.